Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Folded in game

Folded in at Laboral centre for art and creative industries

First presentation of the Folded-in in the show


Locating play in contemporary culture and society

from 18 April to 22 September 2008
@ LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial, Gijón/Spain

HOMO LUDENS LUDENS is an exhibition that looks into the expressions
of play in the life and culture of our digital times and examines the
formations of the contemporary magic circles. Focusing on play, rather
than games, the exhibition sets a setting that embraces different forms
of works who address, describe or criticize today's play. Play is being
reversed and reformed; being able to embody social and political acts
and issues, it becomes a tool for critique and social change; connecting
the virtual and the real, it brings new dimensions for social
encounters; approaching other disciplines, it gives birth to new art and
play forms; But at the same time, play is being exploited becoming a
terrain for labour where the player is asked to be a creator or else a
worker. What are the opportunities and what are the risks that need to
be balanced in such a context?

The exhibition is an examination and speculation about Homo Ludens
Ludens -the contemporary playful man- and the new playgrounds
(s)he is invited to join and to respond to.

Exhibiting Artists:
John Paul Bichard, France Cadet, Derivart, Devart, Hannah Perner-Wilson & Mika Satomi
Ge Jin, Vladan Joler, Radwan Kasmiya, John Klima, La
Fiambrera Obrera & Mar de Niebla
Danny Ledonne, Valeriano López,
Ludic Society, Marcin Ramocki & Justin Strawhand, Martin Pichlmair & Fares Kayali, Brian Mackern, Larry Miller, MIT Lab - Drew Harry & Dietmar Offenhuber & Orkan Telhan, Molleindustria, Julian Oliver, Orna Portu galy & Daphna Talithman & Sharon Younger, Personal Cinema & the Erasers, Rolando Sánchez, Alex Sanjurjo, Gordan Savicic,
Axel Stockburger,
Silver & True, Román Torre, David Valentine/MediaShed (ft. Methods of Movement), Volker Morawe & Tilman Reiff, William Wegman

Curatorial team:

Erich Berger, Chief Curator, LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial, Gijón
Laura Baigorri, Independent Curator, Barcelona
Daphne Dragona, New Media Arts Curator, Athens

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Ludic Society BLITZ PLAY at Piksel Norway

A new project by the ''one and only'' Margarete Jahrmann and the Ludic Society.

//a live (LIVED and LIVE CODED) concert on the street! played by a RFID
street/warchalking game.

WIFI-sniffer counter culture) action of drawing GAME KNOBS WITH CHALK on
walls enlightens the invisible architecture of the ACTUAL BLITZ INVASION
of three kinds of electromagnetic WAVES in a city: WIFIs, RFIDs and

The futility of this everyday-play-gadgetry bears some resistance to
the wave-invasion!

In an absurde performance within the city Theremin Wave-Lan clouds
players subjectively place RFID tags on walls. These knobs
(RFID-Tags)literally become play-knobs for other players, if they are
equipped with everday lifes consumer gadgetry, as the Nintendo DS, as
Wifi Sniffers - or even GPS gadgets.

The Ludic Society play-team Bergen provides the missing link: homebrew
software and fantastically pataboard designed electronic Wunderbäumchens//

Bergen Borges Tertius in Calvinos Invisible City Thereminvox.

# live stream 14:00-16:00. 17th 11. 07:

join in the comfort of your warm home

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Second Life performance series

Saturday 18th of November 2006, place Hard Alley (mature), lot of avatars, some lag, but still sim is running. Laura Demozay (me) do not participate at the cyber sexual orgy today, she stands on the top of a box just ignoring all invitations.

Basic text used: Corruption, democracy and virtual environments

[18:11] Ron Kostolany: that pussy realy love is so hot it is

[18:11] levent Diplomat: mmm

[18:11] Cherry Harpoon: Mmm my pussy is so wet

[18:11] You: ladies and gentlemen may I have your attention please?

[18:11] levent Diplomat: yeah slut

[18:11] Cherry Harpoon: Take your fingers and taste my juices!

[18:11] You: please..i am on my knees…

[18:11] Ron Kostolany: agggggghhhh

[18:11] levent Diplomat: mmmm you have all my attention Laura come closer

[18:11] Ron Kostolany: u want my attention or my big fat cock Laura? Come and get


[18:11] Alex Breaker: Come and get it ha ha ha

[18:11] You: Ladies,furies and gentlemen.. a spectre is haunting Virtual

Environments, their democratisation.

[18:11] Alex Breaker: jealous laura

[18:11] Cherry Harpoon: Oooh yes

[18:12] Cherry Harpoon: Fill me!

[18:12] You: It is the spectre of democracy, which after the abandonment of its

physical space [real life]

[18:12] levent Diplomat: oooh yeah I love spectres I fuck one right now lol

[18:12] Cherry Harpoon: Fuck me hard!

[18:12] Cherry Harpoon: Fuck me deep!

[18:12] You: sinking more and more in the contradiction of lies and the

cancellations that lead to its constitution..

[18:12] levent Diplomat: yeah baby but tell me pls if you are the body of the myth?

[18:12] Cherry Harpoon: Mmm it gets hot here, what’s going on really?

[18:12] Ron Kostolany: levent she is a body liberated from the mirror of itself but

delivered in any kind of seduction I am afraid….

[18:12] You: breached the relations with the real and it became itself a


[18:12] Cherry Harpoon: I want feel your cum

[18:12] Cherry Harpoon: are you a spectre ?

[18:13] levent Diplomat: am I a spectre lol? Your pussy is real?

[18:13] You: This is how the paradox of spectre occurred, the wandering

shadow of democracy.

[18:13] Cherry Harpoon: what?

[18:13] Ron Kostolany: wou want some

[18:13] levent Diplomat: yes baby go on what are you doing up there? Come closer I

have an excite here for you grab my balls…

[18:13] Cherry Harpoon: Fill my pussy!

[18:13] Ron Kostolany: you

[18:13] Alex Breaker: educated girl i see

[18:13] Cherry Harpoon: Oooh yes!

[18:13] levent Diplomat: wait situation becomes bizarre here eh?

[18:13] Cherry Harpoon: Mmmm

[18:13] Alex Breaker: that’s not so usual here eh? I am afraid I like her style although

I feel a bit ashamed

[18:13] You: A spectre that tries to penetrate, and aims to democratise the new

kind of ghosts

[18:13] Cherry Harpoon: Laura needs some big cock

[18:13] You: that constitute the space which forms a major element of human


[18:13] Cherry Harpoon: Oooh yes

[18:13] Cherry Harpoon: Fuck me!

[18:13] Alex Breaker: you should try to relax and enjoy yourself

[18:13] You: The Virtual Environments.

[18:14] les Zond: hi alex

[18:14] les Zond: I feel strange too…what is going on with her? Is she gonna use

illegal scripts or something?

[18:14] Spectra Octagon: ha ha are you afraid loosing your avatr Zond?

[18:14] levent Diplomat: life offers nothing if there is no seduction cmon….

[18:14] You: The democratisation of virtual environments, computer and video

games is one main debate issue in the industry of interactive


[18:14] Ron Kostolany: we are part of a video game if I don’t get it wrong at least

[18:14] Alex Breaker: hi les

[18:14] levent Diplomat: yeah baby

[18:14] Cherry Harpoon: Come to me!

[18:14] Cherry Harpoon: Cum inside of my tight body

[18:14] Ron Kostolany: oooohhhh

[18:14] Cherry Harpoon: I am fucking it!

[18:14] les Zond: what I am doing is loosing myself in the ceremony processes

[18:14] You: In new media and especially video games the democratisation is

related mainly to the fact that the user..

[18:14] les Zond: I just feel strange thats all she makes me feel uncomfortable

[18:14] Cherry Harpoon: Real deep

[18:14] Cherry Harpoon: well me too but my pussy is dripping with juices

[18:14] Alex Breaker: laura are you kind of politician?

[18:14] You: the context of interaction and personalisation, takes major part

in the creation process..

[18:15] Cherry Harpoon: Fuck my young firm body

[18:15] Alex Breaker: does seduction accepts any kind of symbolic order Laura?

[18:15] levent Diplomat: mmmm

[18:15] Ron Kostolany: omg i gwill gone all wet

[18:15] You: No , I don’t think so alex

[18:15] levent Diplomat: yeah me neither, seduction is desire

[18:15] Cherry Harpoon: MMm

[18:15] You: ..of the games themselves.

[18:15] levent Diplomat: dude

[18:15] Cherry Harpoon: My pussy is dripping all over your balls while you fuck me

[18:15] You: Mods, thousands of volunteer designers in Half Life, Everquest,

Oblivion, and Quake..

[18:15] You: ..are examples of how the users participate in the creation process.

[18:15] Ron Kostolany: agg thats feels hot

[18:15] Ron Kostolany: sl is a different kind of game though laura

[18:15] Cherry Harpoon: Take a finger and taste me, I want to knoe if you like my

sweet juice!

[18:16] You: If we are able to discuss something new in new media it is the

user’s capability to participate in the creation process.

[18:16] levent Diplomat: yeah baby sure it is

[18:16] levent Diplomat: tell me more about it….

[18:16] Cherry Harpoon: Oooh yeah!

[18:16] You: This capability is not a gift or an offer of a generous democratic


[18:16] Ron Kostolany: mmm your juice taste sweet like honny

[18:16] Cherry Harpoon: Mmmm


[18:16] levent Diplomat: whats the idea of being a public sculpture into the frame

context of online games?

[18:16] You: question remains unanswered but still the answer is visible as you

may see.

[18:16] You: ..but immanence within its own structure, it is an immediate

reflection of the conflicts..

[18:16] Cherry Harpoon: Keep talking to me! Stop paying attention to her she is a


[18:16] levent Diplomat: mmm very very nice looking freak though no?

[18:16] Cherry Harpoon: Im gonna come again!

[18:16] You: ..that constitute this capability of participation which has as its

final destination democracy.

[18:16] Ron Kostolany: the power.. that’s all about the power

[18:16] Cherry Harpoon: Oooh yes, you are soooo gooood!

[18:17] levent Diplomat: yeah slut lick my dick again slower no faster Cherry


[18:17] Spectra Octagon: hey laura do we know each other?

[18:17] Cherry Harpoon: MMm oooh yes, that makes me soo horny!

[18:17] levent Diplomat: mmm

[18:17] You: in other words, speaking of the conditions which arose from the

utopian meeting of spectres..

[18:17] Spectra Octagon: laura I want to attract your attention pls

[18:17] Cherry Harpoon: Im cooooommmiiingggg!

[18:17] Cherry Harpoon: Fuck me hard now!

[18:17] levent Diplomat: oooh I think laura is far more interesting case than u cherry


[18:17] Cherry Harpoon: Make me come for longer!

[18:17] levent Diplomat: fuck

[18:17] Ron Kostolany: yeah yeah yeah

[18:17] Cherry Harpoon: Ooh yeag!

[18:17] You shout: ..which magical ritual could be useful for both the old

spectre of democracy and the ‘spectral’ world of virtual


[18:17] Cherry Harpoon: AAaah! I want you guys …

[18:17] Ron Kostolany: aggggg

[18:17] Cherry Harpoon: Oooooooohhhhh!

[18:17] levent Diplomat: mmm

[18:17] Cherry Harpoon: Aaaarrrrgghhhhhh!

[18:18] Spectra Octagon: I noticed that you appear and you disappear.. is it part of

your action ?

[18:18] You: The vast majority of the users understand democracy according to

the quantity of interactive “clicks”..

[18:18] Cherry Harpoon: Mmmmmm that’s me

[18:18] Ron Kostolany: ooooooohhhhh

[18:18] You: what do u think spectra? It’s the lag maybe?

[18:18] Cherry Harpoon: Rrrrroooaarrrrrrr......

[18:18] You: ..which represent the voting “right” in cyber space.

[18:18] Cherry Harpoon: Nite my nipples while you fuck me

[18:18] levent Diplomat: ooooh baby slut

[18:18] Spectra Octagon: disappearing means to spread out in different forms of

appearance, is that part of your lecture here?

[18:18] Cherry Harpoon: Pull my hair back!

[18:18] Ron Kostolany: keep pounding cherry

[18:18] You: yeah lol now you see me now you don’t bb

[18:18] Cherry Harpoon: Ooh yes I am your slave sex slut don’t talk to her

[18:18] You: The image of the voting procedure and democratisation in virtual


[18:19] levent Diplomat: oooh laura can u believe that cherry makes me cum on her


[18:19] Cherry Harpoon: Aaaahhhh!

[18:19] Ron Kostolany: my balls almost enters your pussy

[18:19] You: isn’t the supposed infinite choice of different web pages

[18:19] levent Diplomat: mmmm I really cum yeaaaaaaah symbolically at least…

[18:19] Cherry Harpoon: MMm i can feel it!

[18:19] You: or the user’s ability to create personalised narration in a video


[18:19] You: it is the image of the cursor itself over the icon of “choice”

accompanied by the sound of the “click”..

[18:19] Cherry Harpoon: Oooh yes!

[18:19] Ron Kostolany: laura you r getting very serious don’t you think?

[18:19] Cherry Harpoon: Fill me with your cum!

[18:19] You: ..which really is the extension of the image of the poll and the hand

that is “capable of choosing”.

[18:19] Cherry Harpoon: Fill me now!

[18:20] levent Diplomat: i am gonna cum again why not in sl I am a god….

[18:20] levent Diplomat: baby

[18:20] levent Diplomat: aaah

[18:20] You: How is possible to revive democracy in the realm of the potential..

[18:20] Ron Kostolany: wish you could be a god in perception as well but its limited

to cum and fly eh?

[18:20] levent Diplomat: don’t be sarcastic Ron with me I will report you

[18:20] Ron Kostolany: aaaa that too it’s a den of

iniquity here and laura is the chief I am afraid…

[18:20] Cherry Harpoon: I want to feel your cocks grow just a little bit more before I

will feel your sperm flood in me

[18:20] You: ..when within the context of the objective it became a commodity..

[18:20] DeLano Kyger is Online

[18:20] Ron Kostolany: AAAAAaaaagggghhhhhhrrrrrrr

[18:20] You: ..that has usually been exported and imported via violence?

[18:20] Cherry Harpoon: Your warm and hot cum!

[18:20] Arlo Ferlinghetti: Come here Laura want to fuck you now babe u cant say all

these things just like that…how you dare?

[18:20] Cherry Harpoon: My pussy and my ass wants to drink it all

[18:20] levent Diplomat: she is a public sculpture Arlo you don’t fuck a public

sculpture newbee…

[18:21]You: Corruption is a form of violence, separating the body from the

mind, and from what these can achieve only when combined.

[18:21] Ron Kostolany: i'm coooommmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing

[18:21] Cherry Harpoon: Ooooh yyyyessssss!

[18:21] Arlo Ferlinghetti: sorry levent is she a friend of yours?

[18:21]You: Corruption is the essence and the body of capitalist production and

an interesting oxymoron can be observed.

[18:21] levent Diplomat: yeah cherry you are a real slut keep on sucking me but let

me listen to her don’t disturb my ears pls

[18:21]You: Corporate capitalism on one hand recognizes and gets profit from

the fact that bodies in collaboration produce more and communities

increase satisfaction for the bodies (MMORPGs).

[18:21] levent Diplomat: yes Arlo we collude against you lol

[18:21] Cherry Harpoon: Mmmm slurp you are a bastard mmmmmmm

[18:21]You: On the other, collaborative autonomy shall be precluded and

controlled to stop the structure from being ruined.

[18:21] Cherry Harpoon: Mmmm

[18:21]You:Corruption is invited to play its role.

[18:21]You: A solution is difficult to find for this paradox.

[18:21]You:The richer the world becomes the more corporate capitalism, which

is based on this wealth, needs to deny the conditions of wealth’s


[18:21]You:The production of corruption needs to be encouraged, as far as it can

be controlled.

[18:21] You: thank you for your profound attention all

[18:21] Cherry Harpoon: Mmmm

[18:21] levent Diplomat: m2

[18:21] Cherry Harpoon: I can feel your cum

[18:21] levent Diplomat: cherry stop feeling baby it becomes ridiculous

[18:21] Cherry Harpoon: Fill me up!

[18:21] You: does anyone have any questions?

[18:21] Cherry Harpoon: Aaaaaahhhhh!

[18:21] levent Diplomat: I have a lot laura but this is not the right place for me to ask


[18:21] Cherry Harpoon: Mmmmmmm

[18:21] You: i am ready to answer

[18:21] Cherry Harpoon: Ooooh yyyeeeessss!

[18:21] Ravna Uralia: Hello everybody

[18:21] Ron Kostolany: sorry levent i squirt also against your ass

[18:21] You: Tell me Cherry

[18:21] levent Diplomat: lol… Laura you have a special sense of humour

[18:22] You: you have a question?

[18:22] Cherry Harpoon: Thanlk you boys

[18:22] You: dears now the conclusion , your attention pls..

[18:22] Ron Kostolany:lol laura just great

[18:22] Ron Kostolany: ha ha ha

[18:22] You:Are we talking of laws that arise from people’s participation and

users’ dominance or of ethics that arise from the higher

enforcement of software design ‘superiors’ and the supreme

economies of the massive entertainment of the gaming industry?


[18:22] Arlo Ferlinghetti: are you serious laura ?

[18:22] Nika Ferlinghetti is Offline

[18:22] DeLano Kyger: of course she is…. you are not

[18:22] levent Diplomat: mm

[18:22] Xcite! X2 Cock: Touched.

[18:22] levent Diplomat: ty very much laura for the chat

[18:22] Cherry Harpoon: Yes Laura i do

[18:22] Ron Kostolany: Ty verry much Cherrry

[18:22] You: go on

[18:22] Ron Kostolany: ty Levent

[18:22] levent Diplomat: y 2 ron

[18:22] Cherry Harpoon: Why do you come in here disturbing people in their fun

with your bullshit?

[18:22] levent Diplomat: cherry give me back my cum you r absolutely stupid baby

[18:23] Cherry Harpoon: Go to a mall or something instead>

[18:23] Arlo Ferlinghetti: Hi gain Diane

[18:23] You: you dont find my speech sexy?

[18:23] Arlo Ferlinghetti: Yeah Laura

[18:23] Cherry Harpoon: I dont mean to be a bitch, but it is annoying when you are

having a real good fuck

[18:23] Arlo Ferlinghetti: You talk the talk but don't walk the walk babe

[18:23] Cherry Harpoon: HAHAHAHAHAAAAA

[18:23] levent Diplomat: cherry keep your mouth open anyway

[18:23] nick345 Aldrich: ok follow me

[18:23] You: i am sorry if i disturb your polygon’s ecstasy cherry

[18:23] Arlo Ferlinghetti: HAha cherry you crack me up you are a bitch

[18:24] Red Mangala: Hi Kat

[18:24] Red Mangala: laura I have to admit you had all my attention all this time

although my English are not that gd

[18:24] nick345 Aldrich: vlack

[18:24] Vlack Talon: ok me too I am polish

[18:24] Cherry Harpoon:you r a policeman in rl u mean?

[18:24] Vlack Talon: my god keep your mouth shut cherry

[18:24] Cherry Harpoon: You are a real dictator laura

[18:24] nick345 Aldrich: no no keep your mouth open Cherry pls

[18:24] Vlack Talon: where are we? WHATS GOING ON HERE?

[18:24] levent Diplomat: fuck off arlo

[18:24] You: no my dear your pleasure is a dictator

[18:25] You: me i am just a mere public sculpture, we already said that before

[18:25] levent Diplomat: bye ron

[18:25] Vlack Talon: hey, i'm gonna relog

[18:25] Cherry Harpoon: Ok Ron, we are going now, its a freak show in here :)

[18:25] Cherry Harpoon: lol

[18:25] Cherry Harpoon: See ya

[18:25] Cherry Harpoon: Thanks for 2night

[18:25] Ron Kostolany: By levent By Cherry hope to see you aal soon again

[18:25] levent Diplomat: ye

[18:25] Cherry Harpoon: U2 laura u confuse me I don’t know what to say

[18:25] Vlack Talon: ok

[18:25] Ron Kostolany: laura u r an exception thnks a lot

[18:25] You: information is an inhuman force most of the time cherry

[18:25] Ron Kostolany: cherry don’t forget to keep your mouth open bb

[18:25] Ron Kostolany: np your welcome any time

[18:26] Ron Kostolany: gn all

[18:25] levent Diplomat: ha ha ha cherry baby slut cherry baby

[18:26] nick345 Aldrich: ok follow

[18:26] Vlack Talon:we are like those blinds playing the ball game the torball we

perceive each other via conditioned reflexes, as them we are just

reflexes cherry is a good example I think.

[18:26] Vlack Talon: unfortunately she doesn’t know it

[18:26] Ron Kostolany: cherry don’t forget to keep your mouth open baby lol


antichrista is here and is an avatar

Monday, October 22, 2007

Global Citizenship

Are MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) worlds ideal late capitalist machine based on the social interaction, play and cultural simulation, or they can be seen as ideal social laboratories based on social interaction, play and cultural simulation?'

Networked innovation and collaboration means quantity may have a quality all its own.
As education systems around the world approach parity, nations will finally be able to maximize the skills and potential of their populations... No nation-state will be able to compete counting only on the people within her borders. The most successful 21st century nations will be those that redefine what it means to be a citizen and build the largest networks of innovators.

Consider a second type of citizenship, dubbed “virtual citizenship” or “v-citizenship.”
Rather than building around a specific geography or event, v-citizens are tied to a nation-state by mind share and time. They meet and collaborate within virtual worlds, enabling them to ignore geographic limitations and focus instead on challenges and connections with other v-citizens. Rather than spending four days per year thinking about a particular nation, a v-citizen could spend one hour per week or five hours per month. More importantly, that time could be spent in virtual locations populated by other v- and g-citizens (Geography citizens) of the nation.

V-citizenship (Virtual citizenship) is a natural extension of the global information connections being built around the world. In a time of increasingly nationalistic and geographic biases, a nation-state embracing v-citizenship, making it easy for innovators and entrepreneurs around the world to collaborate with its g-citizens would change innovation for all of its citizens and set a new bar for economic growth.

References: Cory Ondrejka , Kristian Lukic

Saturday, October 20, 2007


In a current alcohol advertisement a'' melancholic '' android faces the public and volunteering grant certain privileges of ''major importance'' to humans. It grants almost everything but at the same time it steals, hides and keeps for itself the most considerable one. The privilege of self-knowledge reserved so far to the man of discrimination. The wisdom to know by yourself who you are. In brief: the machine knows better than humans, for humans who they ''really'' are.
There are people that destroy and burn surveillance cameras and by that act, confirm the android's stance and its message. By destroying a street camera, one not only accepts that he/she ignores who he/she is, but also that he/she is incapable to understand the system that ''attacks''. Fortunately, there are exceptions.
The following case is one of them:

The FACELESS Project (2002–2007) deals with legal issues around surveillance (CCTV) images. Besides the 50 minute sci-fi film, the project has resulted in works including The Manifesto for CCTV Filmmakers; The Eye: Choreography for surveilled space; The Making-of Lounge: Research and behind-the scenes materials; and The Spectral Children: a multiple screen video installation.

pattern recognition

18 May 2007, Somers Point, New Jersey:

"Graphic Fatal Crash Video Leaked to the Internet," Associated Press.

Graphic video of a fatal car crash has been circulating on the Internet, and the agency that operates the toll road where the crash occurred has launched an investigation to determine how the surveillance footage was leaked.

"We're not happy about it, that goes without saying," Joseph Orlando, spokesman for the New Jersey Turnpike Authority, said Friday. The crash occurred May 10 at a toll plaza on the Garden State Parkway, which is operated by the Turnpike Authority.

Orlando said the agency has contacted Web sites including and to request that the video be removed. The Press of Atlantic City, which had posted a copy downloaded from the Internet on its Web site, said it removed the video voluntarily on Friday after learning of the Turnpike Authority's objections.

The crash video was still posted at the YouTube and LiveLeak Web sites as of late Friday night. Messages left Friday night by The Associated Press for Jaime Schopflin, a spokeswoman for San Bruno, Calif.-based YouTube, and at a media contact number in England for LiveLeak were not immediately returned.

The video depicts a car slamming into the Garden State Parkway's Great Egg Harbor toll plaza, about 10 miles south of Atlantic City, at high speed and bursting into flames. Killed in the crash was Bernard King, 52, a casino dealer from Lower Township. State police said Friday that they are still investigating the cause and are trying to determine if King's history of seizures was a factor.

An Atlantic City television station, WMGM-TV 40, also aired the video on a Thursday night newscast, with a warning that it could upset some viewers. The station's news director, Harvey Cox, said the station did not receive any complaints about the video.

Orlando said the toll plaza surveillance cameras are controlled by the parkway's operations and toll personnel but that officials have "no inkling" at this time who leaked the video.

Surveillance Camera Players

Friday, October 19, 2007

levelHead, a Spatial Memory Game

Julian Oliver just released a short video of his latest project, levelHead. This is how it works. You plug a webcam on your computer and you physically move around a little cube. The cube is shown on your computer but, magically, you get to see different rooms inside it and a little character that you control by tilting the cube. The game´s goal is to get the character out of the house. As he said he will soon release the code that is of course open source.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Destratify Athens terms of the stratified and the destratified, human history is not marked by stages of progress but by coexistence of accumulated material of diverse kinds, as well as by the processes of stratification and destratification that these interacting accumulations undergo. In this sense, we could characterize our era as the ''age of information'' or, equally validly, as the ''second age of insects and germs''.
Manuel De Landa, A thousand years of nonlinear history.

‘I Can’t Go On, I’ll Go On’

‘I Can’t Go On, I’ll Go On’

Sunday, October 14, 2007

A metaphor

Reforming Athens.
The ''metaphor'' of the marbles carries the whole of the city ''from a time of Time to a time of Space, from a time of succession to a time of co-existence''.
Acropolis is no longer a classical modernistic hierarchical symbol but a post modern heteriarchical one. What will be our new “matters of concern”?

What exactly can someone tell from your IP address and what can they do with it? Can they find personal details or my precise geographical location?
In most cases your IP address is very easy to determine. But how much it says about you, specifically, depends on your ISP and what kind of IP address you have.

Finding someone else's IP can be as easy as looking at the full headers of email that they've sent you, or monitoring network connections for certain types of instant messaging and chat applications. Web sites routinely get IP address information for all visitors. They very nature of how the internet works dictates that when two computers talk to each other, they know each other's IP addresses.

But once you've received an IP address, what can you tell about it?

Some IP's are easy - they're static, and have a DNS name associated with them. For example, in a Windows XP Command Shell, enter the following command:

ping -a
The "-a" switch tells ping to do a "reverse DNS lookup", and print the first domain name it finds associated with the IP address you've specified. In this case, ping should include "" in its output, which is a domain name assigned to that IP.

With that domain name you can then do a "whois" lookup through using whois tools. That information will often include the information about the individual or organization that owns the domain. In this example, it does not, but includes the name of the registrar, Visiting that site there is a small "whois" link which, when run against "" returns all the information that you might want. is owned, not surprisingly, by Apple Computer, Inc., and full address and contact information is available.

What if the ping doesn't work, or doesn't return a domain name? Then things get less precise.

In this case, we go to ARIN and use their IP "whois" tool. If we enter an IP address such as, we'll find that it's part of a block of addresses assigned to an ISP. In order to determine who actually is using that IP address, if anyone, the ISP would have to get involved. Note that without their involvement, the physical location of a machine at a specific IP address can not be determined.

Now, it's important to note that an IP address may, or may not, identify a specific computer. In many cases, such as large corporations, it identifies a gateway of some sort that acts as a router or proxy for any number of computers. Behind the gateway, the computers can all see each other, but from the internet the individual machines are indistinguishable from each other ... they all look like they come from the same IP address.

The same is true when you use a router at home. You might have any number of computers behind it, but from the internet, it appears as if you have only one IP address. Your individual computers are not directly accessible by default.

And that leads to my final point: use a router or a firewall. If you connect directly to the internet, then your IP address can be used by others on the network to attempt to connect directly to your PC and exploit any vulnerabilities. By using a router your computer cannot be contacted directly. Alternately, a firewall blocks the intruders from gaining access to your machine even if they do reach it.

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for God's shake why technology is not neutral?


Technology is not neutral. It is not neutral ; it's a black continent

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Fifteen Theses on Contemporary Art

Fifteen Theses on Contemporary Art

In Contemporary Cultural Wars, it is quite appropriate to know the pieces that form the consistency of the play ground that one is striving.

1. Art is not the sublime descent of the infinite into the finite abjection of the body and sexuality. It is the production of an infinite subjective series through the finite means of a material subtraction.

2. Art cannot merely be the expression of a particularity (be it ethnic or personal). Art is the impersonal production of a truth that is addressed to everyone.

3. Art is the process of a truth, and this truth is always the truth of the sensible or sensual, the sensible as sensible. This means: the transformation of the sensible into a happening of the Idea.

4. There is necessarily a plurality of arts, and however we may imagine the ways in which the arts might intersect there is no imaginable way of totalizing this plurality.

5. Every art develops from an impure form, and the progressive purification of this impurity shapes the history both of a particular artistic truth and of its exhaustion.

6. The subject of an artistic truth is the set of the works which compose it.

7. This composition is an infinite configuration, which, in our own contemporary artistic context, is a generic totality.

8. The real of art is ideal impurity conceived through the immanent process of its purification. In other words, the raw material of art is determined by the contingent inception of a form. Art is the secondary formalization of the advent of a hitherto formless form.

9. The only maxim of contemporary art is not to be imperial. This also means: it does not have to be democratic, if democracy implies conformity with the imperial idea of political liberty.

10. Non-imperial art is necessarily abstract art, in this sense: it abstracts itself from all particularity, and formalizes this gesture of abstraction.

11. The abstraction of non-imperial art is not concerned with any particular public or audience. Non-imperial art is related to a kind of aristocratic-proletarian ethic: Alone, it does what it says, without distinguishing between kinds of people.

12. Non-imperial art must be as rigorous as a mathematical demonstration, as surprising as an ambush in the night, and as elevated as a star.

13. Today art can only be made from the starting point of that which, as far as Empire is concerned, doesn't exist. Through its abstraction, art renders this inexistence visible. This is what governs the formal principle of every art : the effort to render visible to everyone that which for Empire (and so by extension for everyone, though from a different point of view), doesn't exist.

14. Since it is sure of its ability to control the entire domain of the visible and the audible via the laws governing commercial circulation and democratic communication, Empire no longer censures anything. All art, and all thought, is ruined when we accept this permission to consume, to communicate and to enjoy. We should become the pitiless censors of ourselves.

15. It is better to do nothing than to contribute to the invention of formal ways of rendering visible that which Empire already recognizes as existent.

Art: Mark Lombardi, George W. Bush, Harken Energy and Jackson Stephens c. 1979-90, fifth version, 1999
courtesy of Independent Curators international, NYC

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a distributed, anonymous network?

Export of cryptography

The export of cryptography refers to the transfer from one country to another of devices and technology related to cryptography. Since World War II, Western governments, including the U.S.NATO allies, have regulated the export of cryptography for national security considerations, and, for a time, defined cryptography to be a munition.

In light of the enormous impact of cryptanalysis in WWII, it was abundantly clear to these governments that denying current and potential enemies access to cryptographic systems looked to be militarily valuable. They also wished to monitor the diplomatic communications of other nations, including the many new nations that were emerging in the post-colonial period and whose position on Cold War issues was regarded as vital. (Kahn, The Codebreakers, Ch. 19) Since the U.S. and U.K. had, they believed, developed more advanced cryptographic capabilities than others, there arose a notion that controlling all dissemination of the more effective crypto techniques might be beneficial. The First Amendment made controlling all use of cryptography inside the U.S. difficult, but controlling access to U.S. developments by others was thought to be more practical — there were at least no constitutional impediments. Accordingly, regulations were introduced as part of munitions controls which required licenses to export cryptographic methods (and even their description); the regulations established that cryptography beyond a certain strength (defined by algorithm and length of key) would not be licensed for export except on a case-by-case basis. The expectation seems to have been that this would further national interests in reading 'their' communications and prevent others from reading 'ours'. This policy was also adopted elsewhere for various reasons.

The development, and public release, of DES and asymmetric key techniques in the 1970s, the rise of the Internet, and the willingness of some to risk and resist prosecution, eventually made this policy impossible to enforce, and by the late 1990s it was being relaxed in the US, and to some extent (e.g. France) elsewhere. Nevertheless, some officials in the U.S. believe that widespread availability of strong cryptography world-wide has hampered the ability of the NSA to read intercepted communications that might reveal important information about intentions hostile to the United States.[1] Others feel that the export controls in place in the last half of the 20th century discouraged incorporation of widely known cryptographic tools into commercial products, particularly personal computer operating systems, and are a root cause of the present crisis in information security, aside from interfering with U.S. trade in such products. They observe that many of the advances, including asymmetric key cryptography and many of its algorithms, were already public in any case.

again from wikipedia

cookies & thieves

During normal operation, cookies are sent back and forth between a server (or a group of servers in the same domain) and the computer of the browsing user. Since cookies may contain sensitive information (user name, a token used for authentication, etc.), their values should not be accessible to other computers. Cookies theft is any process allowing an unauthorised party to receive a cookie.

A first way cookies can be stolen is via packet sniffing. Traffic on a network can be read by computers on the network other than its sender and its receiver. This traffic includes cookies sent on ordinary HTTP sessions. Users on these computers can read the traffic on the network, including the cookies, using programs called packet sniffers. This problem can be overcome by using the https URI scheme, which invokes Transport Layer Security to encrypt the connection. A server can specify the secure flag while setting a cookie; the browser will then send it only over a secure channel, such as an SSL connection.

A different way to steal cookies is cross-site scripting, which makes the browser itself send cookies to servers that should not receive them. Modern browsers allow execution of pieces of code retrieved from the server. If cookies are accessible during execution, their value may be communicated in some form to servers that should not access them. Encrypting cookies before sending them on the network does not help against this attack.[12]

This possibility is typically exploited by attackers on sites that allow users to post HTMLHttpOnly flag;[13] this is a Microsoft option that makes a cookie inaccessible to client side script. content. By embedding a suitable piece of code in an HTML post, an attacker may receive cookies of other users. Knowledge of these cookies can then be exploited by connecting to the same site using the stolen cookies, thus being recognised as the user whose cookies have been stolen. A way for preventing such attacks is by the

from wikipedia